“I am so grateful that I had you as a teacher for 9 years, and all that transmitted wisdom and training is helping out a lot now that my little frame is bearing another whole being. There is a decent Iyengar style studio here, but of course nothing replaces your classes.”

Becca Black
Poet, Professor


“I am so Happy that you are a wizard and that you helped me in my recovery….!!! I felt so good after you [worked on me] and I continue since Thursday to have no sciatic pain in my leg and back. You know how much better I feel now that I am free of pain!!! You more or less said that it might return but so far it is banished by your wizardry. I am very grateful. Thank you!!! Thank you!!”

Merry Renk Curtis
Jeweler and Artist


“…I see your class as my introduction to real yoga. So I just wanted to thank you for all you have brought into my life: from the mechanical standpoint, increased flexibility and strength and some strategies for managing my various spinal issues, psychologically a greater calm and confidence. And then there are the friendships…”

Collette Crutcher


“Oh, here’s a good story for you: I had showed Jorge the series of poses you taught me that took me out of years of horrible back pain. (SI joint & sciatica). Jorge then showed them to a guy who was in a wheelchair & on the verge of surgery. He just bumped into the guy a year later & the guy was walking & profusely thanked Jorge for showing him the stretches. The stretches, which he did daily, brought him out of the wheelchair & out of pain! so there you go- all because of you!!”

Raina Antle
raina | hair & make-up


“Back in ’09, I had the privilege of taking your classes at Shri Brahmananda’s ashram in the Mission. Like everyone else who took Clayton Horton’s training that year, I was impressed by the clarity and power of your teaching style. Three years later, I find myself co-curating an exhibition entitled Yoga: The Art of Transformation – cooperatively organized with the Freer Sackler Gallery at the Smithsonian …I wonder if … we could explore the possibility of your own participation on the advisory board? Your voice might be just the kind of leaven we need for this loaf.”

Jeff Durham, PhD
Asst. Curator of Himalayan Art
Asian Art Museum of San Francisco


“I was recounting my first yoga class (17 years ago) to a substitute teacher, Garrell Herndon, and he knows you. It inspired me to get in touch. I joined your class originally on York St (?), then Folsom, that included Mary and her husband and a bunch of other people who were all 40 years my senior at the time. You said two things to me that day that I remember well – that I have the tightest hamstrings you have ever seen, and that I “think too much!” I was amazed that you could know that within 10 minutes of meeting me, and you said it was pretty obvious!
Really I wanted to thank you for the wonderful start you gave me, and tell you that I have continued the practice – two classes per week – and love it. I don’t teach yoga, per se, but use a lot of it when I advise my patients (I am an internist). My autistic daughter, now 19, also does 2 private classes per week and it has been immensely helpful for her.”

Carolyn Klebanoff, M.D.


“The name of that treatment center in Novato is called Reflections… I think you would be perfect for them if they wanted to bring yoga into their program, as most programs are now doing with good results. …Kris says you worked wonders on her shoulder!”

Kevin McCauley
Le Mont Michel


“Dear John, I was in the class at the San Rafael Recreation Center on 9/27/13. Thank you so much for teaching me how to get up from the floor. I was one of the last ones to say that I would try getting up. I had fallen twice and could not get up alone. Even with help from a neighbor and my husband it was very difficult to get me up. The fear of falling was forever with me. You have set me free from that fear. Thank you.”

Alice Vipiana